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Born 12:30, November 11, 1979, at York Finch Hospital in North York (now Toronto), Ontario, Canada
First child born to
Father: Roderick Thomas Coward (born Aug. 8, 1948 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Mother: Teresa Regina Kolowska (born Sept. 14, 1948 in Straduny, Poland)
Attending physician: Dr. Arnold Louis Ein
Birth Weight: 3830g
Birth registered with governments of Ontario (Canada) and the United States of America.

Stefanie Elizabeth Coward (sister) Born October 27, 1982

Married to name withheld September 23, 2005 by Fr. Jeremy Crow in the (gnostic) Church of the Glorious Christ. (The marriage was not registered with the government, as a protest concerning marriage policies under consideration at the time)

Fathered name withheld by aforementioned wife;
Birth: 20:22 February 10, 2006, at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Married to Jess Dobkin October 20, 2006 by her website. (This marriage is neither registered with any government, nor with any church, and the marriage contract specifically stipulated that we will "not allow any government to determine or define our loving relationships". My first wife also married Jess a few days before me, and we agreed that the nature of the different ceremonies and sets of vows still left us considerably closer to each other than to Jess -- though we subsequently shared a stage with her).

Marriage to name withheld ended March 25, 2012. End of marriage finalized on September 2, 2012 by the immolation of notes regarding the marriage and its breakdown in The Temple of Juno (since the government was uninvolved, there was no divorce paperwork, and this seemed a fitting substitute to provide finality/closure).


Kindergarten to Grade 3: Kenollie Public School (1984-1988)
Grade 4 to Grade 8: Tecumseh Public School (Mississauga) (1988-1993)
Secondary School: Lorne Park Secondary School (1993-1997)
B.Sc.: University of Toronto (1997-2001)
M.Sc.: University of Toronto (2001-2002) Stable Rank, Perforation, and Dimension Growth in Simple C*-Algebras, Supervisor: George A. Elliott
Ph.D.: University of Toronto (2002-2007) The Cuntz semigroup as a classification functor for C*-algebras Defense Committee: George A. Elliott (Advisor), Mikael Rørdam (External examiner), Man-Duen Choi, Chandler Davis, Peter Rosenthal, Michael Carter (Chair)

Other Notables

May 3 - July 23, 2008: Bicycled across Canada.
"However, sometimes we must come out of our cocoons and do things that are necessary, even if we don't have the ability to do such things especially well." --Donald Ervin Knuth