Tracey & Kris': Party Plans

By now, you know that we are getting married on September 23 (2005. Yes, it's already come and gone, the page is now here for archival purposes. We'll post pictures Real Soon too). Here is the plan as to how it's going to go:

    The Ceremony (3:45-4:45pm)

    The ceremony itself is a slightly modified version of the ceremony from the Liberal Catholic Liturgy. It will be followed by the Gnostic Mass of the Holy Grail (altered to containt elements from the Mass of the Mother).

    The ceremony will be performed by Fr. Jeremy McKenzie in the (Gnostic) Church of the Glorious Christ It should feel familiar to Christians (particularly Catholics and Anglicans) and Thelemites, but we hope it won't offend our friends of differing faiths and practices.

    Feel free to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable with (but please let us know if you would like to communicate, so that an adequate supply of wine and communion hosts can be provided). There will be missals (mass books) to help you along.

    If you'd like to come and can (please note that space to store potluck contributions, especially those requiring refrigeration during the ceremony, is limited), take the tender from Pier 6 at 3:15pm. Tracey will meet you at the dock, and walk everyone over to Snake Island for the ceremony.

    The walk is about 10-15 minutes to the site overlooking the harbour. Most of the way is paved road or path, but the end of the walk is on sandy ground and there are two sloping bridges. If you will need help getting there, let us know. We will assign you someone to help you, and we may even be able to borrow a wheelchair or two! The ceremony will begin only after we have all arrived from the 3:15 pm tender boat.

    The Potluck (5:30-7:30pm)

    We've asked people to bring their favourite dishes, and so far, the feast looks pretty exciting! We are expecting vegetable pate, a meaty pasta casserole, spanokopita, fried plantain, samosas, baklava, cake, grilled tofu, pasta salad, snacks and dips. If you havenıt committed yet to a dish, consider something thatıs not already on the list.

    Whenever you arrive with food, just bring it around to the harbour side of the QCYC Clubhouse (which is right there where you get off the tender boat) into The Snug Room. Please place your contribution on one of the tables for appetizers and beverages, main dishes and desserts, with signs for "omnivorous", vegetarian and vegan foods. Some people attending donıt eat meat or fish, and some donıt eat dairy products, so labelling ingredients may help.

    There is a microwave and sink in The Snug Room kitchenette if you need to use these. You may want to clean your dish immediately after the potluck in The Snug Room before you bring it home. So as not to disturb the kids, it would be best if you could either bring your dishes up to the hall with you to take home, or see if someone will let you leave them in their boat or locker while everyone parties.

    We hope that you were able to bring your own dishes and cutlery, but if not, we have a limited supply of the same for you. We do not want to consume disposable items or create waste. Please donıt buy quantities of disposables for our party. There will be recycle and compost bins for us to use.

    We are not permitted to serve our own alcoholic drinks, but these can be purchased from the bar.

    The Party (7:30pm-12:30am)

    See the entertainment information here.

    Queen City Yacht Club

    Getting there

    Queen City Yacht Club is located on the Eastern tip of Algonquin Island facing the Ward's Island Ferry Docks. By TTC: Take the subway to Union Station and the Harbourfront Streetcar two stops to York Street on Queen's Quay West. You'll be at the Pier 6 Second Cup building. Between it and the Queen's Quay West Mall on the water's edge will be the QCYC Tender boat leaving for QCYC at 5:15 pm and every quarter after the hour plus a special run for @narchists, East Coasters and freakin' hippies who simply must arrive late at 5:45 pm. Once you get on the boat, the Algonquin Queen II that is, you need not worry about getting to the right place. You will be dropped off at QCYC's Clubhouse. After milling about like sheep, blocking everyone's way off the dock, you will mosey yourself into the building and get lost, or better yet, around the corner of the lawn to the Snug Room of the Clubhouse where the potluck Dinner will be held as soon as the @narchists, East Coasters and freakin' hippies arrive.

    The bad news is that the Tender costs $6 return per person and we could only afford to invite the five people we actually like in the world unless we made you pay for the trip yourself. Hey, you don't expect us to pay your TTC ticket, do you? For the financially helpless, we have purchased some tickets that we are rationing out to...the financially helpless, to performers and other volunteers. If you'd like a ration, just ask. The trick with the Tender is to buy a return ticket with a friend, both take it there, and take the City Ferry back free. Voila, $3 expenditure only! And if you are really too "funned up" to make it to the City Ferry at the end of the night, you won't care about dishing out an extra $3 to get home!

    Getting back

    The tender boat leaves QCYC on the hour every hour plus special tenders at 12:30 and 1am.

    There are also ferries from Wardıs Island (free to return) a 15 minute walk from QCYC, leaving at 8:45, 9:45, 10:45 and 11:30pm.

    There is also a water taxis moored at or near QCYC that operates all night. The minimum cost is $24 to hire one, but with friends, it can cost as little as $8. The phone number is 416-570-8004 (and is also posted around the island).

    There is another taxi service, based on the city side, which charges a minimum of $30 (also $8/person). The phone number is 416-203-8294.

    So don't worry, youıll get home one-way or another.

    We will clear the Hall promptly at 12:30am so that the bands and performers can pack up and make the final tender with staff at 1am. We'd appreciate your help hauling equipment down to the tender if you can

    Am I Invited? Who Can I Bring? What must I do?

    You can come. You can bring a date we don't know, even. You just have to:

    Bring potluck food, accurately labelled regarding what animal products or significant allergens you know it to contain. Also, if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, please let us know so we can be more specific about what foods need to be listed. (Reported so far are: dairy, which is an animal product anyhow)

    Bring plate cup and cutlery for yourselves. Reserve with us if you are from out of town and can't.

    "Weddings" are the perfect opportunity for drag. Wear a wedding dress and/or polka dots of your own styling and taste. If you forget or resist, we will provide you with something of our choice at the door. There is an exemption for older people who do not want to have or be fun.

    Enjoy our friends who are diverse, joyful, brooding, embarrassed, thrilled and otherwise gay, lesbian, straight, transsexual, bisexual, queer as all get out and unconventionally gendered. seriously.

    QCYC can hold everyone. There is a huge lawn, and gorgeous second floor verandah for smoking, indoors being non smoking. Notwithstanding, please tell us if you are coming and with whom so that we can worry about the party more effectively.

    R.S.V.P.: Too late, already happened.

    What's In It For Me?

    Aside from seeing old friends and having something better to do on a Friday night, we'll be eating tons of food and entertaining ourselves to the nth. The entertainment planned and confirmed , yet still always subject to change is here

    Who all's invited? I'm not coming if she's coming!

    We are inviting people of all ages and ilks, but are sending out extra special invitations to folks we don't necessarily expect because of their busy schedules, but you might as well be able to say that YOU are invited to a party that:

    ...and the likes are invited to.

    What about free drinks? You can get drunk at wedding parties free, right?


    This wedding-party is low budget (see page title). There will be a cash bar. If you don't like it, you can either:

    Be our parents and offer a $10,000 wedding party to get rid of us or

    Perform. Performers get two free drinks. Three if you're really, really good. (Actually, the performers were so good that we provided four free drinks to all of them!)